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2021 Ford Bronco Vs Jeep Wrangler: 5 Key Things That Keeps Ford Bronco Ahead Of Jeep Wrangler

2021 Ford Bronco Vs Jeep Wrangler

Hey folks finally, new 2021 ford bronco is here. Ford has brought the bronco to compete in the biggest giant jeep wrangler. Although there are lots of things that give the bronco plus points as compared to wrangler. But there are a few cool things that are grabbing a little more attention.

Let’s checkout what makes it ahead of jeep wrangler.
Side Mirror Placement

#1 Side Mirror Placement

On Jeep Wrangler mirrors are mounted on doors. That makes it good as long as doors are mounted. When you want to take the doors off it becomes a little hectic. While in Ford Bronco mirrors are mounted on cowls that’s a bit easy for doors to take off when needed. Ford people have made it keeping in mind that they stay on even when the doors come off.
35-Inch Tires

#2 35-Inch Tires

Another good point is 35-inch tires. Yes when it comes to offroading bigger tires plays an important role. And it’s a cool thing that Ford offers 35-inch tires direct from the factory on any of the Bronco’s trims. Yah wrangler also offers room for 35-inch tires but you will get only 33-inch stock tires. So you need to spend lots of extra money to get 35-inch tires.
Segment-First Trail Toolbox Tech

#3 Segment-First Trail Toolbox Tech

3rd one is segment-first Trail Toolbox that gives Bronco a suite of exclusive technologies to advance their off-road experience.Trail Turn Assist is part of what Ford calls the Trail Toolbox.This includes Trail Control – cruise control for low-speed trail driving, while Trail Turn Assist tightens off-road turning radiuses through torque vectoring, and the innovative Trail One-Pedal Drive acceleration/braking control makes for more precise and confident slow-mode rock crawling.
Front Sway Bar

#4 Front Sway Bar

Although both of the suvs come with a front sway bar. But Ford Bronco comes with segment-exclusive semi-active hydraulic stabilizer bar disconnect design. Like in a Wrangler, you have to disconnect the front sway bar before things get tricky. The Bronco, on the other hand, allows you to do it on the fly with its hydraulic setup.

#5 Other Accessories And Features

Ford  Bronco also equipped with a small mounting rack across the dash for securing your phone, GoPro camera, radio and a whole host of other little electronics. Even there is a 12-volt outlet up there for easy access to power. Seats come with marine-grade vinyl that can just be hosed off after a muddy day and Molle hooks on the seat backs to organize smaller gear. Plus, the doors can be taken off on the trail and stored in the back, so if the weather changes on the fly, you can seal your rig back up pretty easily.
So these were few cool things that made Ford Bronco little ahead from Jeep Wrangler. Hope you have liked these things tell us in comments what you like the most.
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